Social media has become a major buzz phrase in business.  I’ve primarily used LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  The most important thing you can do is to have a strategy when using these forms of marketing.  Here’s mine…

  1. These can be a HUGE time dump if you allow it.  I relegate my time to all these forms to no more than 20 minutes per day.  Period.  Now I may use Facebook for personal or Rotary business, so that’s my exception.  When it comes to consulting or coaching, I keep it to the 20 minute mark.
  2. My goal is to continue to spread my brand.  My brand, as is the case with most consultants and coaches, is my name.  The more I can spread my name and what I do to more people, the better opportunities I will get.
  3. I work to be efficient.  This is a two-way street.  I get valuable information from my communities.  I need to make sure I take advantage of resources sent to me, too.  You can’t be just a promoter; you must also look to gain value.

Bottom line – Have a plan when it comes to social media.  Be efficient, don’t waste time, attract the right audience, and receive and be open to information, too.

Bonus – one new tool I just started using for Twitter is Tweet Deck.  It is a filter to more efficiently follow your Tweets.  I found a great resource to use is this video tutorial from Jesse Newhart – click here.


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