In my last post, I mentioned You Tube as a business tool.  Here’s another one that can be linked to You Tube…

Do you know where your name shows up on the web?  You can keep track of it at no cost.  I use Google Alerts with my name and business to keep track of where my name pops up.  It’s a great way to see if you’re being quoted or if someone is using your intellectual property.

Recently, I had a Google Alerts hit on my Region 1 Toastmasters speech on You Tube.  I was amazed to see from where.  Somehow, a Toastmasters club in the United Arab Emirates saw it and embedded it in their web site for members to watch.  The number of my hits has skyrocketed.  Click here to see it.

You Tube is a great addition to your marketing.  It’s free, it’s viewed world-wide, and now since Google owns it, you can take advantage of its “search” capabilities”.  Use Google Alerts to keep up where your name pops up.  This should all be a part of your marketing system in the 21st century.  Use technology to advance your message.