Like many people, professional golfer Jim Furyk uses his cell phone as an alarm clock. Because of it, last week it cost him a double-bogey!

Furyk’s alarm didn’t work and he overslept, causing him to miss the start of the pro-am portion of the Barclays Classic. The penalty? He was disqualified from the tournament. Now, as absurd as I believe this rule is (the pro-am portion doesn’t count towards the regular competition – it’s just an exhibition), Furyk knew the rule. His breaking of that “rule of engagement” probably cost him tens of thousands of dollars from the tourney and the Fed Ex Cup standings.

What rules of engagement are in your business?

How about these often overlooked “rules:”

  • Being on time to meetings
  • Calling and e-mailing back promptly
  • Proper manners while eating a meal
  • Being dressed properly for the situation you are in
  • Sending thank you cards
  • Confirming appointments

You can probably think of more. These seemingly small things can cost you and you probably don’t even know it. Just like Furyk’s slip up, making a double-bogey on one of these may cost you tens of thousands of dollars and you will never know it.

Figure out your rules of engagement and make sure you follow them. You never know when doing so will make all the difference in the world!

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