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Your Secret Sauce to Success: cooking

Later this week, I am holding a teleconference for insurance professionals on creating intellectual property to advance their brand. I’m often asked about creating intellectual property and the time and effort involved in it. I contend that it’s really not that complex an issue. It boils down to being able to effectively “re-purpose.”

Consider how a simple blog article can be re-purposed into several pieces of intellectual property…

1. Write a blog of about 150 words.
2. Re-purpose the blog by adding an additional story to enhance and turn into a 350 page article.
3. Re-purpose the article by adding case studies and a process visual and turn it into a 5-page executive brief.
4. Re-purpose the executive brief by adding additional stories, examples, interviews, etc. and turn into a 15-page white paper.
5. Re-purpose all this material and turn it into a 20-30 minute speech.
6. Re-purpose that speech and turn it into a half-day and/or full-day workshop.
7. Take these materials and skills and re-purpose as a teleconference and/or webinar.
8. Re-purpose the material into a You Tube video.
9. Continue to enhance and refine and the possibilities abound – radio/TV interviews, audios, podcasts, books, booklets, e-Books, op-ed pieces, interviews for magazines/trade journals, and newspapers, retreats, and consulting projects.

All from a blog post.

This doesn’t have to be a big production each time. It’s simply adding to what you’ve started. Learn from each experience and grow your theme.

Why is this important? It’s a large part about expanding your brand; creating revenue opportunities; and meeting potential new clients. In addition, it reduces your labor intensity and gives you more time. By not re-inventing the wheel by re-purposing instead, you save time which for you equals money and more discretionary use of that time!

All from a little blog post!

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