I once attended a Nike Basketball Coaches Clinic in Las Vegas and watched veteran coach Charlie Spoonauer give a great speech titled, “Random Digressions.”  Basically, he spoke about whatever popped into his head.  Since he was so good at it, I figure there was at least a little prep work done.  That being said, here is my newest category titled the same.  It’s based on what’s on my mind…

– Has Michael Phelps lost his mind?  He has the world at his feet and is the face of the sport of swimming all over the globe.  He’s charismatic, young, and has a ton of potential.  He’s also proving he has the maturity of a 15 year old.

How else do you explain taking bong hits of marijuana while someone has a camera?  This falls on the heels of a recent DUI.  So far his sponsors and his reputation is holding on.  He’d better hope it’s not three strikes and you’re out!  I know, I know this is swimming, not baseball.  That probably proves my point.  He needs to grow up quick.

– Is it live or is it Memorex?  I watched yesterday’s Super Bowl and loved the pre-game performances by Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson.  Hudson was brilliant.  Today, we hear reports that both performances were lip-synced.  Great!  How is it that the biggest stars in football perform under pressure and give us a fantastic Super Bowl, yet the biggest stars in music can’t risk their craft belting out patriotic songs in front of millions?  Come on NFL…let’s get this one right.  We all expect the real deal.  That’s what presentations are all about be it in business or entertainment.  We want to see who can shine when it matters the most.

By the way, if the Boss wasn’t lip-syncing, maybe e should have.  He sounded a little bit like his age!

– Have doctors lost the ability to communicate good bed side manners?  maybe it’s always been this way that some are just bad.  I’ve recently had to help my dad with a few medical needs and the last specialist he saw has the communication skills of a donkey.  Doctors that can communicate with confidence, empathy, and the ability to listen and stick around until you’re satisfied are a rare breed.  Maybe there were more when they were still making house calls.

That’s all for now.  Have anything on your mind or care to comment on my ramblings?  Please feel free to comment.




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