Our final night at the Million Dollar Consulting ® College was a group dinner at the White Horse Tavern in downtown Newport, established 1673.  It’s the oldest active tavern in the country.  The food was fabulous – Split Pea Soup as a starter, Beef Wellington for an entree, and Bread Pudding to cap it off.  Incredible!  Great people to share the evening and week with rounds it out.  It’s soothing to hear the wind and the waves outside getting ready to call it a night, just like waking up this morning.

This has been an amazing week.  I’m looking forward to the last day to wrap up the best learning experience of my career.  I spend the night in Providence Friday night and then will meet my friend, Wayne Botha, for breakfast.

Even thought it’s been a week to remember, I’m looking forward to going home to the family.  Next time, they will come out with me.