Great day on Tuesday. Barb and I spent the morningworking with my professional mentor, Alan Weiss. I highly recommend thistype of involvement with a coach or mentor to re-define, reinvent, and focus energy.

We were done about noon, which gave us more time to hang around the city. We walked around Madison Avenue and Bryant Park. The city was full of Occupy protesters and police. Although we were constantly hearing sirens, all that we saw was peaceful marching and no issues. We never felt unsafe. Unfortunately, in my home city of Seattle, a bunch of lunatics thought it made sense to break store and car windows and cause general mayhem and havoc. Go figure, I was safer in New York than in Seattle while wandering the streets.

New York does it right as far as protection. The police everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They are also much better prepared and forward thinking. Certainly, they have every reason to be, but Seattle and Portland can learn a lesson.

We went out do dinner last night with Alan and his wife and then to Evita on Broadway. Elena Roger is the first Argentinian to play Eva Peron on Broadway and she was brilliant. I also thought Ricky Martin performed admirably. All in all, a terrific production.

Today is travel day. Raining like Seattle, so we feel at home…

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