The lights are out…

As a crisis consultant, I should be ashamed of myself. I left for a meeting in a neighboring city without keys to the security screen door on my front door, which I always lock. I have my garage door opener, so no big deal, right? It’s a normal day…no wind…no storm.

An electrical fire down the road about 3 miles has now wreaked havoc on the north end of my city. Obviously, the garage door opener is not operational. The dogs are probably ticked because things are beeping in the house. And I’m hungry.

I’m writing this from my iPad at my favorite little cafe in town. I did go get a good Italian Grinder from the market (nice peppercini kick) and then came here to get some work done. Limited to reading news and answering email. I can only take so much of Chris Christie’s Bridgegate…

So here I am writing a blog.

Here’s the deal. This is exactly what I preach to my clients and any business owners that care to listen. The day might be calm with no trouble on the horizon. Crisis rarely sends a warning shot across the bow. You need to be prepared for contingency actions or you waste time, effort, and money. I was not prepared to get back in my house. I know how to get out of the garage door with no power. I don’t know how to get in without breaking something, which isn’t an option right now. That being said, I was able to feed myself and find a place where I could get some work done. In fact, it’s the same amount of work I could do at home without power! This blog is an example.

Stuff happens and it happens without warning or reason. It happens to big companies, political leaders, sports stars, and small businesses. Too many of you are unprepared to deal well with it. You think you are, but you’re not. One of the best things you can do for your business and your employees is being prepared to prevent and respond to crisis. If you don’t know if you’re where you need to be, I know someone that can help you!

As an aside, I have a free webinar on Thursday to help business leaders and owners become better prepared. Maybe you should join us. Go to my web site at and find Upcoming Events. It’s free. That’s a good ROI.

Don’t get caught outside of a locked house when the lights go out. Have your business’s, your employees, and yourself prepared to carry on with reasonable operations to sustain yourself when the bad stuff happens.

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