I just finished lunch upstairs and was listening to Project Runway. Really.

My wife has the day off and so does my daughter. They love the show and were watching it when I came upstairs to eat. Understand that tonight features Opening Day for the Mariners and the National Championship game in college basketball (and I still have Butler playing). You get my point.

I did hear one thing that caught my attention. Host Heidi Klum (another good reason to occasionally tune in) made a comment to one of the contestants that I belive transfers over to business. She told him, “You are consistent. Consistently safe. That is a bad thing in this business.”

Being safe is a bad thing in any business. You must be willing to be contrarian; to push back; to offer opinions outside of the mainstream. Otherwise, you’re just part of the white noise. Look at the people in your industry who are most successful. More than likely, you will find that they were willing to take risks; to be unconventional; and to buck the trend.

Do you play it “safe?” If so, how can you change that? That will be your key to enhancing your name, brand, and product or service.

Maybe I need to keep watching Heidi Klum for more blog fodder….

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