Sorry to be so long between parts on my humor series…

On previous blogs, you read about uncovering humor in your personal stories (Part 1), inserting the humor in to seemingly unrelated topics (Part 2), and now you will get an example.

As you may have read, my family just got a new Jack Russell terrier puppy last week.  Well, at least he’s a year old.  Since Captain Jack was a stray, we didn’t know what his bathroom habits were.  As we progressed, we learned that they weren’t bad, yet could use some work.  Captain Jack had no clue as to when it was time to go and what the routine for our family was.  This involves training.

Three days ago I was thrilled that this smart little puppy finally learned the word “potty”.  With the help of watching his mentor, Charlie the Wonder Dog, Captain Jack started going every time I asked him to go potty.  What was more exciting (we’re a pretty easily amused family) was that it was remaining consistent over each day.  Now, we have no bathroom issues at all.  A little love, a little patience, and a little training goes a long way.

So what’s that mean for you?  Only that this is the type of story that can be used in a variety of business applications.  I can use this as a metaphor for:

  • Training new employees
  • Training current employees in a new system
  • Change
  • Mentoring in the workplace

Get my drift?  What about you?  What cool stories happen to you every day that you can use to bring your stories and your message to life?

Be aware of your days and keep a story file.  You never know when a routine “potty break” can turn into a gem.  Happy storytelling!