How’s your personal insurance fitness?

Dan Weedin

Dan Weedin

In my experience as an insurance consultant, 8 out of 10 individuals/families suffer from one of two maladies. They are either obese (overpaying for insurance) or they are weaklings (inadequate protection).  In about 60% of the cases, they are both. And, just like your physical fitness level, being one or both of these can cause chronic pain, loads of lost time and frustration, and sometimes even total collapse.

I know you’re besieged in the media by NFL star “discount double checks;” Progressive Flo’s kooky plugs; and graduates of company universities trying to protect you from things that go boom! The thing you must remember is that they are all trying to sell you a policy.

I’d like to offer you a special opportunity to makeover your insurance fitness this week. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I want to help you find some more “green” out of your insurance. I have no ulterior motives – I don’t sell insurance, won’t harm your relationship with your agent, and only want to find ways to transform your “fitness” level to protect your most valuable assets.

Here is how this special offer works…

Through 5:00 pm Pacific time on Friday, March 15th, you can get a personal insurance fitness exam up to three insurance policies for a ridiculously low investment. I normally charge $350 for a complete exam. Starting now through Friday at 5:00 pm, you can get this for only $200.

Here’s what you do…

  • You go to my Quick Pay portal on my web site and pay me – – Make sure you write in the comments section “Personal Insurance Fitness Exam.”
  • I contact you and we set up a time to talk and for me to get your insurance policies.
  • Within 72 hours after getting your policies, you will receive an unvarnished diagnostic summary of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will include suggestions for improvement and recommendations to save you money.
  • You will end up thanking me. And/or your agent will call me thanking me for finding potential problems that they weren’t aware of (has happened three times).

You know you’ve never read your policies. You have put complete trust in your agent and that is fine; but it’s simply negligent to never check and not really know if the one thing meant to protect you and your family from financial ruin isn’t adequate (or if you’re spending too much.)

Rave reviews from happy clients – Read more –

You go to the doctor to check out your own physical fitness and health level. Why not find out how fit you are in your insurance?

Trim the fat, beef up your muscle, and enhance your own peace of mind.


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