This week’s focus point –

Risk and Rewards.

Last week, I ventured out into my new cooking passion and made duck. A little bit of a risk as it went outside my comfort zone, but that’s the only way you improve, right? I had been cooking the duck breast on top of the stove and then transferred the entire skillet into the oven for 12 minutes. As the timer went off, I reached in to pull the bird out. Unfortunately for the palm of my right hand, I didn’t have “full coverage.” The pain of a skillet handle baking at 450 degrees got my attention! My next purchase is one of those full-handed mitts that Johnny Bench would have been happy to use. Happily, the duck breast on top of penne pasta and with a wine reduction sauce was a huge success.

Business and careers are like that. At some point, you’ve taken a risk (or maybe you’re even currently contemplating one) to gain a great reward. No duck, no feast. No doubt you’ve made bold moves, skinned your knee a few times (or in my case burned your hand), and had terrific successes.

Risk isn’t a bad thing, although in my business it can be characterized as such. We are taught to avoid, mitigate, and control it. There’s some truth to all of that, however I care to think of it as we need to embrace risk. Without risk, there is no reward. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without sticking your mitt into a decalescent oven. You won’t get anywhere in your career or business if you’re not willing to suffer a few scrapes, bruises, and burned hands. Don’t allow the kitchen to get too hot for you!

Bon A Petite!

This week’s quote – “”Life itself is the proper binge.””
– Julia Child


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