This week’s focus point –

Overcoming Resistance.

When we were on vacation in Washington D.C. six years ago, we were warned about the metro system. As you leave the train, all the “slow” people stay to the right, and the “fast” people play through on the left. Boy, were they right. Everyone who needed to get somewhere fast zipped past us like Dale Earnhardt Jr. The system worked because those on the go were not delayed and those who were tourists like us didn’t get trampled.

Getting off the ferry to go into Seattle last week, I recalled fondly that system. Unfortunately for me, there is NO system off the ferry. People walk with large bags, dawdle, stop mid-stride, and stroll in all areas of the walkway. They literally block all of those who are in a hurry to move and trying to gain speed and momentum. Guess which lane I want to occupy here!?

The same thing can happen to your speed and momentum in business. You will encounter resistance just like I did trying to get into the city. Instead of baby strollers and rolling luggage, you will run into people, systems, situations, competition, and plain bad luck all trying to derail you and impede your momentum. However, in my experience one of the biggest culprits of resistance comes from ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy and hinder our own progress. Lack of confidence, discouragement, stress, and impatience mask our own talent and cause us to quit before we should. “Resistance” can be an invidious condition and one that we need to recognize and hold fast against.

Today’s’ morale – make sure you’re playing in the fast lane and don’t let anything slow you down.

This week’s quote – “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”
– Admiral David Farragut – a lifelong left-lane sprinter


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