I went to the Mariners-Cubs game last night and watched Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee throw an absolute gem of a game. He only gave up one run on a home run and won the game easily. A couple of things I noted…

1 – He gave up 9 hits but found a way to consistently get out of jams by striking someone out or inducing them into a double play

2 – He throws strikes 75% of the time. 75%! The other pitcher was at 50%. When you are consistently throwing around the plate, hitters are swinging and you’re getting out of innings faster.

3 – He works very fast from the mound. Get the ball and throw.

Cliff Lee is in a word, efficient.

Are you efficient in your daily work? Are you maximizing your time, throwing “strikes” more than “balls,” and consistently getting out “jams” that take your time and mental effort? Take a cue from Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee. Work fast, get out of jams, and throw strikes. You will find your success, just like his, will increase and you will get more wins.

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