Have you seen the video from yesterday of the Metrodome in Minneapolis collapsing due to weight of snow prior to the Vikings-Giants NFL game?

Watch the footage below…


How would you respond to this crisis if you were a risk manager? The answer should lie in the work you did and the relationships you built BEFORE the event.

In any business, you must do what I term a “vulnerability analysis.” What are the catastrophic exposures you have? For the risk managers of the Metrodome, collapse from excess snow had to have been one. If that was the case, they would have a plan in place. I’m sure one of the scenarios involved if there had actually been a game going on at the time. Their response is as critical as the crisis itself. Their reputation is also on the line and in plain view of the world to watch.

Relationships in risk and crisis management are important. Being able to leverage relationships with media outlets, other venues (they are moving the game to Detroit), emergency services, and their supply chain is critical to avoiding severe consequences to an already bad situation.

You have to do the same. What do you do if the equivalent of a stadium collapse happens in your business? Who do you call? What relationships must be leveraged? Have you even thought about this?

For me, it’s very ironic that this happened a day after I finished my 3-day class on risk and crisis management. This is fresh in my mind and really shows the power of proper identification, analysis, control, finance, and administration of risk management. It also speaks to the importance of leveraging critical relationships to minimize damage to facilities and reputation.

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