The first sale is to yourself.

Confidence is the most important tool for any business professional. Ironically, it’s one that is most often lacking.

This past weekend, I was a judge for the Miss Moses Lake Scholarship pageant. They crowned three winners who will each go to the Miss Washington event. I was impressed with all the young ladies because it takes a great deal of confidence to speak and perform in front of judges and a large audience. That being said, you could tell the different levels of confidence for each. Those that had competed before showed more confidence than those who hadn’t. That confidence comes out in all you do and usually means you come out on top. The more these young ladies compete and practice, the more confident they will become and it will carry over into all phases of their lives.

The same can be said for business. You have to have confidence to toot your own horn; to take risks; to be contrarian; to be in the spotlight. If you don’t have great self-confidence, you just won’t be as successful as you could be. Business is tough and can be “dog-eat-dog.” It’s easy to become discouraged. But if you’ve made that first sale to yourself, then you will have the true belief in your services and products to help others. But that first sale must be made, and it’s often to most difficult.

How strong is your confidence? What must you do to make it stronger?

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