My Extra Points memo this morning dealt with the subject of “Community.” You can read it and subscribe to the Monday morning memos by clicking here.

Today, I got yet another opportunity to see “community” at work. I attended the annual Olympic College Foundation Columbus Day Luncheon. I’ve lost track of the number I’ve attended. My wife and I are proud to support the foundation and captained a table again. This year, I was asked to do the “ask.”

In briefing with the executive director prior to the event, I was mildly surprised to learn that this event (which regularly brings in just under 300 people) was going to draw the largest attendance since 2006. Joan estimated well over 300 people. This is right in the middle of a challenging economic time for individuals and businesses. Yet, this community of which I am proud to be part of always rallies for those who really need it. In this case, helping young people (including the young at heart) get their education.

Community means more that just a geographic area. My definition of community is a group of people, diverse in culture, ideas, and strengths, that band together for the greater good. That can be a professional group, a faith community, a service organization, or a business community advancing education. What communities do you belong to? What rewards do you realize from being part of it? And, most importantly, what do you contribute to it?

How you answer that last question will help you find balance in your life…

To learn more about the Olympic College Foundation, click here.

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