with my dad and brother

I just read a sensational article in the Wall Street Journal by Kelly Greene. (Click on the hyperlink to read)

My wife and I “resemble” much of this article. As my parents were older when I was born, I’m still playing in my mid-40’s!

It used to be that caring for children was something employers worried about providing for their employees. It used to be that this really hit working women who were most at risk as the primary parent dealing with raising the kids. As baby boomers age and the rate of caring for their parents increases (because other options may be too expensive or unavailable), this will become an increasing problem for both men and women. As the article states, these are the highest paying years with less time afforded for recouping that loss. This should be, and perhaps will be, a political issue as next year’s presidential race heats up.

This blogger will be adding a category on this subject to the blog titled “My Generation.” It’s a little takeoff on the famous Who song of the same title. More and more people of that generation won’t be dying before they get od and will need care. How that looks, how it’s paid for, and how it affects the caregivers that are you and your employees is critical. I hope you will find value…

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