I had dinner with my Tia Lucia’s family last night at the legendary Andres Carne de Res. My cousin Bernardo told me there are two “must go” places in Colombia and they are the Gold Museum (check) and Andres (now check). This place is unbelievable. The food, the festivities, and the fun that spreads out over a vast area is pretty much indescribable…even for me;)

One thing I’ve learned on this trip (among many), is that when you are with “familia” it doesn’t take long to feel like you’ve known each other forever. It became obvious we all have the same blood flowing through us! What a wonderful group of people I get to call “familia.”

OK…enough mushy stuff. Here’s my review. When you go to Andres (next time you’re in the area, order the Lomo de Res (loin if beef). I was an idiot and didn’t take a picture of it. Thanks to my cousin’s wife Liliana for giving me the recommendation! The waiters keep bringing you other foods like empenadas and others that I can’t remember the name of. It’s that voodoo thing that you keep eating but more food keeps showing up!

One other tip. If you are with family and your native languages are different and you are all sitting at a large rectangular table, here’s what to do…

Park yourself squarely in the middle and put the best two English speakers next and across from you (gracias a Daniel y Laura). That way, you can just swivel your head and get great interpretations! That being said, I’ve found that most of my family (and most Colombians I’ve met) understand English very well even if they have trouble speaking it.

No rest on Sunday for me (which is fine). It’s off to the Finca to be with otros primos (other cousins). Mas manana!

P.S. I also got to meet our exchange student’s parents who made a special 2 1/2 hour trek from there home to meet me. These are wonderful people who are committed and sacrificed for their daughter to come to the States as a Rotary exchange student. I was touched and impressed by their humility and love.

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