Funny thing happened along the way of a jest.  At a recent event, I made an attempt to make a sarcastic-style “funny” in a conversation I was having.  Unfortunately, it was overheard by a friend of mine who didn’t get the context and got her feelings hurt.

It doesn’t take much to turn a careless comment into a bad situation.  I hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally and it impacted her for a long time before she approached me.  Lesson learned.

When you are at an event, regardless of business or pleasure, be careful.  As a guy who likes to throw around quick-witted comments in an effort to entertain, I’ve learned that it can backfire big time.  Make sure that your comments are above-board because you never know who can misunderstand them, especially if they only hear part of the conversation.

That being said, you shouldn’t walk on egg shells.  Just make sure that you don’t end up with egg on your face!


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