If you’re like me, you gain a lot of value from educational audio programs. I get a lot of time sitting waiting and traveling on ferries, cars, and airplanes and listening to compelling audios has always enhanced my learning experience. If this works for you also, you might be very interested in a series of audios I have available on this site.

On the top navigation bar, you will find a tab indicating “audio programs.” Click on that and peruse the myriad of audios coming from my teleconferences. You will find topics and interviews that will help you improve your career and enhance your life.

My latest teleconference is about igniting your talent and the talent of those who you lead. I interviewed Betsy Jordyn, who is a world-class consultant out of Orlando, FL. This is an exciting topic and I learned a ton just from interviewing Betsy. You will, too.

All the audios are only $19.95. Your return on this investment will be tremendous. I hope you will find at least a few that you can gain value from…I trust that you will!

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