Activity breeds results…

This week has been a blur. I spoke to two groups of consultants on topics related to marketing, branding, and strategy. I interviewed 13 people over two days for a new client where I’m facilitating a sales meeting to kick off the new year. I added another new client to lead a similar exercise at the end of the month. I wrote new articles and blogs and distributed new newsletters. Next week is even busier. Who said January is a “dead” month.

You may think I’m going to say all this activity is breeding results. While this is true, my real message is that all this activity was actually bred by last quarter’s work. In the consulting business, as in most, you sow what you reap..usually a quarter later. What you are doing this week will ultimately bring you money in several months. Certainly, you will occasionally find new clietns that come about because of an event. However, that event may have been three months in the making.

Keep this in mind. Sales cycles aren’t that fast any more. You need to constantly be thinking and strategizing for the future. Don’t get so caught up in today that you forget that you are fighting for tomorrow’s income.

Activity breeds activity which breeds results. How does your April revenue look today?

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