DecePearl Harbormber 7, 1941…

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told the nation that this would be “a day that will live in infamy” subsequent to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. My father left high school one day after his 17th birthday 2 months after the bombing. It changed his life’s course forever, as it did for so many others. Now that it’s 72 years later, does it still live in infamy?

Time heals all wounds, and it also makes us forget. It’s been so many years and so may WWII veterans are passing away. It’s easy to overlook this date. The purpose if this blog post is to remind everyone who might take the time to read it that this date was as impactful to my dad’s generation as September 11, 2001 was to mine (and probably yours).

Today, let’s take just a few moments to remember all those who lost their lives that day, who survived, and all the families that were impacted.

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