Collaborated on by Robbie Kellman Baxter and Dan Weedin, both accredited “Master Mentors” for Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting, the Consultants Bible and about 40 other books on consulting….

Are you being mentored or coached and don’t know why or when to call your mentor? It’s funny that I sometimes hear this from the consultants that I coach and mentor. Robbie has, too. They get so caught up in their everyday “grind,” that they lose focus on when to get help. To that end, Robbie and I have come up with 50 reasons to call your mentor. That should keep you, and us, busy!

From Robbie Kellman Baxter – website

1.    To prioritize your next steps
2.    To role play an important conversation
3.    To figure out what went wrong, after the event
4.    To review your new website
5.    To review your book proposal
6.    To review your plan to market your book
7.    To figure out how to package value at different price points
8.    To increase your value and decrease your labor intensity
9.    To think bigger
10. To figure out how to fire your worst clients
11. To review your Objectives, Measures, and Values before you send out the proposal
12. To make sure that you use subcontractors effectively
13. To figure out when and if you should collaborate with another consultant
14. To price a project
15. To strengthen your value proposition
16. To plot how to reinvent yourself
17. For practical tips on technology
18. When you’re ready to start building your brand as a thought leader
19. When you need a little push
20. When your project hits a major bump
21. When your client hasn’t paid you
22. When you need language to ask a client for a referral
23. To help you get organized
24. To prep for a speaking engagement
25. To share your successes!

From Dan Weedin – website

26. To help you manage your time

27. To answer question on how to maintain good life balance

28. When you need a confidence boost

29. To get a second opinion

30. When you’re feeling anxious or scared

31. When something worked and you want to learn how to replicate it

32. To review your demo video

33. To help you get better referrals

34. When you need something clarified or defined

35. To learn how to get past a gatekeeper

36. To learn how to overcome objections

37. When you need to vent

38. When you need a sounding board

39. To review your articles, white papers, and executive briefs

40. To help you create intellectual property

41. To review your marketing material

42. When you need the right answer to your biggest concern fast

43. To gain confidence before you walk in the door to a new prospect

44. When you need to hear the truth

45. When you need to learn how to run a webinar or teleconference

46. When you don’t know the answer

47. Before you send the email response to make sure it’s good

48. To help you learn how to effectively network

49. To help you create press releases

50. To guide you towards valuable resources


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