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"The results from working with Dan are being able to take ideas and concepts and quickly turning them into action and implementation."

Dan Ryan, President Tim Ryan Construction

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"Dan provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business."

Stacie Curtis, President CW Solutions

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"Dan has an uncanny ability to bring fresh new ideas to the surface and transition old style, stuffy practices into state of the art successes. Since engaging him, I have produced over $285,000 in new revenue."

Judy Graf, Vice-President Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers

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Unleashed Workshops

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Unleashed Resilience
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Typical Clients Results

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Unleashing Remarkable Results
  • Dan has a unique ability to be both strategic and tactical simultaneously. With every topic we discussed, he helped me think about the big picture for where I wanted to take my business and what steps I needed to take today. Not just tomorrow or the next day but right now. His general business acumen in addition to his example of what it means to really do the work to become a successful entrepreneur makes him the mentor of choice for anyone seeking to grow a consulting practice.
    Betsy Jordyn, Consultant (Orlando, FL)
  • Dan’s strategies on opening and closing a sales presentation have helped me improve my closing ratio to over 75%. I highly recommend him to any insurance professional.
    Jason Webb, Bell-Anderson Insurance (Bellevue, WA)
  • Dan is an amazing coach. He not only guides to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business. He is charming and funny but also fearless and sharp. I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence.
    Stacie Curtis, President - CW Solutions (Millstone Township, NJ)
  • I benefit from working with Dan because of his extreme intensity and focus on the direction we are headed. He keeps me focused, accountable, and on task. Dan also looks ahead with optimism. His vision is large, which makes my vision expand. Limits are not in his vocabulary. He emphasizes the fact that the discipline has to come from me and it requires daily commitment to achieve defined goals. Not all coaches are created equal...Dan Weedin is exceptional.
    Heidi Jack (Seattle, WA)
  • Working with Dan Weedin in a mentor relationship has dramatically accelerated my growth as a consultant and coach. I found it extremely valuable to have Dan’s expertise available on-demand to help with developing client proposals and building marketing gravity. Just as important, when tough issues come up and I needed a trusted person to give honest and on-target advice, Dan was there to be my sounding board and mentor.
    Earl Bell, Consultant (Mercer Island, WA)
  • Dan has been a fantastic mentor. I originally started working with Dan because I needed advice and support in order to take my consulting practice to the next level. He provided value immediately by helping me land two new clients in the first month of our work together. He is honest, thoughtful, and a great 'big-picture' strategic thinker. I highly recommend him.
    Ryan Honeyman, San Francisco, CA
  • I have enjoyed working with Dan. He is very insightful and has helped me create a plan for the future. He helped provide clarity, during a time I needed an unbiased professional opinion.
    Carolyn Frame (Seattle, WA)

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