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Improving your Performance, Productivity, and Influence

The CEO is the most valuable asset to the company…

Dan works with clients to help them create a risk plan that aligns with the vision and mission of the company.

This plan includes helping you to enhance their own performance, productivity and influence to benefit both the organization and yourself. 

The program also helps to grow and develop leaders in your company to enhance communications, improve retention, increase capacity, and reduce organizational dependence on you.

Often we don’t know how to best use our professional team. And, sometimes we don’t have all the expertise at the table to make the best decisions. Dan will help you bring all the partners to the table to assure your exposure to risk are best contolled and financed.

“I have had several people approach me to do consulting work within my business and typically they come in with a mindset of how to change how I do business without really knowing my industry. What I have found is that these people really don’t understand the work I am in but want to apply their program to it anyway. In working with Dan, I have come to understand the difference between a consultant and a coach. I found that I needed to get to the next level in my position but couldn’t get there by myself. Dan hasn’t told me how to run my business, he has coached me to understand how to think strategically rather than from a task oriented mindset that I grew up with. He has helped me succeed in putting a vision together for our company to push us into the next five years.”

— Ken Price, President, Westbay Auto Parts, Inc.

“Dan is an amazing coach. He not only guides to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business. He is charming and funny but also fearless and sharp. I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence.” 

— Stacie Curtis, CW Solutions (NJ)

“I’d recommend Dan Weedin to any business owner looking to improve their own leadership skills or to have Dan help one or more of your key staff members to help you stay focused on your company goals without distraction. Dan is a pro at asking the right questions, presenting appropriate challenges and remaining steadfast in his accountability expectations for the best outcome possible. He used your goals as the thesis for his regular interactions so every interaction will lead to a positive outcome for the goals set forth at the beginning of the campaign. I set some very lofty goals and told Dan to make a believer out of me. He has accomplished in 4 months what I didn’t believe was possible in a full year.”

— Lindsey Carnett (CA/NY), Marketing Maven PR

Risk Strategy

Strategic Planning & Leadership

  • Business Continuity Planning: This is your tailored game plan to best prevent, respond to, and recover from any crisis. This will help provide peace of mind that no calamity will be fatal to your company.
  • Insurance Consulting: Providing medium-sized companies an “inside” insurance expert to help them create the right risk financing plan to meet their company goals and objectives.
  • Crisis Simulation Exercises: You can’t expect your execitive team or employees to respond to a crisis situation if they’ve never practices it. These simulations will provide them and you confidence in a crisis.

“Dan has helped make me better at decision-making and engaging others. Being able to hear and take in broader perspectives on opportunities that my company is facing has been very insightful. This all leads to a higher performing company with engaged employees to achieve superior results more effectively and efficiently.”

— Chris Engstrom, Hall & Company (WA)

“Our management team has been working with Dan and his clarity and balanced insight has been invaluable. We are in transition in several areas of our company and Dan’s expert counsel has greatly helped us in our decision- making process. His professionalism and wisdom are starting to show in our business’s organization and function. We have enjoyed our conversations with Dan as they are warm, personal, and super insightful experiences! We have already mentioned his name to others as an amazing asset for business development.”

— Mark Yokers, Puget Sound Window Maintenance (WA)

“The value we received from working with Dan can be summed up in one word…Focus! Everyone knows how easy it is to get distracted in business. With Dan’s help we moved a major project forward in a matter of 60 days that we had been discussing as a management team for the last 3 years. In hindsight it is easy to see the return on investment of engaging with Dan. Hard work is never easy, but Dan helped us channel our focus and determination to implement the change we needed to become a better organization going forward.”

— Ryan Fournier, Fournier Insurance Solutions (WA)

Resources and On Demand

When You Need Answers to Complex Risk Questions.

  • All Access: Subscribe to receive all of Dan’s publications – past, current, and future! This includes video and audio that are sold as stand-alone products to the public. You will also be part of a monthly group Q&A/Informational session to discuss a key issue or topic affecting your company.
  • The Monthly Video Risk Wrap: Receive short, monthly videos on emerging risks germain to keeping your business safe and profitable. The focus is an educational model to assit you in preventing, responding to, and recovering from a crisis. This subscription includes a written guide and transcript to help you drive implementation and action.
  • Employee & Risk Resources Toolbox: This all-inclusive repository will provide you with “on demand” access to compliance bulletins, employee trainings, business continuity planning templates, safety trainings, and more. A huge benefit is access to a 24/7 Human Resources Hot Line to answer your most urgent questions related to employee management.
  • Virtual Chief Risk Officer: For medium-sized enterprises that need a risk expert on call, and not in-house. Most medium-sized companies can’t afford a full-time Chief Risk Officer, but have the same concerns and needs of those that can. Dan will be On Demand to help with important organizational decisions where risk management and leadership advice is required.

“Dan’s services have been very helpful to our association of over 3,000 coaches. It’s been very valuable because he gives us the answers we need to have when we need them in an honest and trustworthy way. He’s a great resource for our biggest concerns.”

— Jerry Parrish, WA State Coaches Association

“Dan’s guidance helped us crystallize our somewhat vague ideas about what we would do in the event of a disaster, into a well thought out (and written) Crisis Prevention & Disaster Recovery Plan. We appreciated Dan’s ability to combine his subject matter expertise with an easy to work with approach. Hopefully we will never experience a disaster, but there is great peace of mind knowing we have a plan in place for that eventuality.”

— Steve Richardson, AEC, Inc. (OR)

“Dan brought our administrative team a legitimate crisis scenario and was well prepared in every aspect of his consultancy. Dan pushed our thinking as the decision-makers in our school district and created an environment that encouraged engagement, problem solving, and role-playing. In the end, with advice and guidance from Dan, we were able to leave the session with solid ideas for evaluating our current systems for emergency/crisis management, to create a communications plan to use in times of crisis, and just a sense of relief that we were able to come together for a few hours as a team to discuss these important issues that often get put aside when there are no imminent emergencies.”

— Aaron Leveall

This is 21st Century Risk leadership

The business world now requires nimbleness, decisiveness, and action.

Gone are the days when you need the expert employed in your company. Now you can take advantage of the smartest and most sophisticated advice based on the topic. Risk Leadership is no exception.

It’s up to you how much input and support you want. At one end of the spectrum, you may decide to do all the work yourself – using the resources to guide you.

And at the other end of the spectrum, you may want to make your life easier by getting Dan involved at every stage to provide confidence that your assets, wealth, and reputation are beinf defended and protected.

You decide.


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