Last Saturday, I was in attendance at the NSA Northwest meeting featuring Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp. You should have been there (maybe you were!). If you were, you would know why Patricia is one of the foremost speech coaches in the world.

She reminded all of us of the three (3) essential parts of a great presentation (not just speech). It’s pretty basic bit if you’re like me you need to be reminded all the time!

The three key components are your:

  • Structure – How is your presentation laid out? Is it logical and understandable?
  • Material – What you know; your message; your services
  • Delivery – How do you say it?

She also reminded us that our presentation needs to be memorable and repeatable. Hmm. Can you imagine if your audience, regardless of who it is, could remember and repeat your product, service or message?

If you ever have the opportunity to watch Patricia live, do it. You won’t regret your decision.

Learn more about Patricia Fripp at her web site –