It’s been over a week since I’ve posted a blog and that’s a BAD thing. One of my goals is to make sure I’m posting an article at least twice a week. I found time now to do it because…well…it’s been one of those days!

Are you dependent on your e-mail to work? If you’re like me, it’s a vital form of communication. As a consultant, my ability to respond to my clients e-mails is critical. Today, for some reason, my Outlook on e-maul has changed (pun intended).

I am able to receive e-mails, I just can’t send them out. It’s kind of like being able to talk, but no one can hear you. You can SCREAM, but the message is silence. Frustration has been the word of the day to say the least.

I’ve spent time talking to all the experts and I’ve stumped them. Great! That’s just what I needed with all the other “stuff” I have to do.

What I’ve done in the past few minutes is realize that I need to get over being angry and be productive. I turned off the e-mail so I wouldn’t have to see the error messages that were just making me mad. I decided to post my blog and vent a little to you, while at the same time getting a “to-do” checked off.

If your like me, there are times when you let things that you can’t control, control you. When that happens, do like I did this afternoon. Take a step back and find another “to-do” that needs to be checked off and control what you can. In the end, you’ll feel better and gain a feeling of accomplishment. The problem will be there when your done and you may be in a better frame of mind to deal with it.

Wish me luck with my e-mail…