If you are in sales and/or marketing, you may have heard this phrase before. It’s as true in any presentation as it is in sales and marketing. Stories have a unique way of connecting with people in a very personal way. Your stories used in a presentation or speech will likely invoke memories and feelings in your audience that you desire to help promote your message.

Have you ever been at the buying end of a sales pitch that just spent most of your time presenting facts and figures about a car, vacation plan, or some other major purchase? Did you feel disconnected from the “seller”? If you’re like me, you probably did. But, was there a time when someone presented you with a story that helped you to see the message they were conveying more clearly? If you were with me and my clients in an insurance agent’s office last month, you would have seen the power of storytelling.

As an insurance consultant, I frequently sit in on proposals given by agents to my clients. I had the opportunity to hear an agent very poignantly tell a story of a close friend who had been involved in a terrible car accident. His friend’s life had been permanently altered by the consequences of the accident. A once very active athlete, he was now physically wracked with pain and had huge medical costs. This chilling example hit home to my clients in making financial decisions on their insurance. The agent didn’t make up a story purely as a sales gimmick. It was a true and personally touching story meant to give a real-life scenario to an intangible product. In the end, it was a win-win for both parties.

Regardless of the message you are going to deliver, or the audiences you will deliver it to, stories are your key to success. Whether you are in the board room, the locker room, or your teenager’s room, your message will be best delivered with examples of true stories that happened to you.

Do you need help remembering stories? Create a document file in your computer and keep track of stories – humorous, sad, or dramatic – that you feel will help you “sell” an idea or message later. Use it as a resource as you plan your next presentation and it will help you connect with your audience.

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