This week’s focus point

I play my daughter Mindy a word game called “Words with Friends” on our iPhone. It’s basically Scrabble ® and we get to compete even though we’re 2400 miles apart. Yesterday, I got the biggest point total in one move that I can ever remember – 96 points! The word was “Zero,” with the “Z” being a triple letter all wrapped up in a triple word score. In the end, I lost the game, even though my point total was very high. You see, one humongous score can get lost with a bunch of low or mediocre scores the rest of the way.

It’s the same story as the tortoise and the hare. In business, you need to be consistent. The huge sale may give you a temporary rush of adrenaline and energy, but if you do nothing else of great substance the rest of the year, you may end of losing the game. Big scores are terrific as long as they are wrapped around consistent “play” the rest of the way. Don’t get sucked into false euphoria…play the game the same way consistently, and like the fabled tortoise, you will finish strong.

This week’s quote – “It is not the face of the scorpion that you should fear; he stings with his tail
– St. Bernard of Clairvaux