I’ve made it a practice recently to route my GPS to home, even when I know the way.  I get some weird thrill of hearing that I’ve arrived at my destination when coming home from a trip.  Must be age.

Last Tuesday, I left Kelso for a 2 and a half hour trip and set the GPS for home.  As I neared Olympia, I realized that traffic would be treacherous at this time of evening through Tacoma, so I decided to pull off and take the back route through Highway 101.  Normally, this adds a little time.  I knew today it would save me a lot.  Plus, it’s a prettier drive.

I expected the GPS to immediately tell me it was recalculating.  What happened became annoying.  At every exit, GPS gave me instructions to exit off and head back the other way.  In addition, in between exits it told me to make the next legal U-turn and head back.  At some point, I figured it would recalculate the new route I had decided to take.  Nope.  It became a nagging passenger-seat driver imploring be to make a U-turn before it became too late.  This went on for about 15 miles.  Finally, near Shelton GPS figured out that I knew what I was doing and found my new route home.

Do you ever make a change in your direction only to be met by people telling you to make a U-turn?  Maybe you’re starting a new business, developing a new product, competing in a speech competition, or taking some other leap of faith.  Perhaps you are at a crossroads of a prior decision and your GPS is telling you it’s time to turn around.

Taking risks in life requires courage.  It also takes perseverance and support.  In my life, I’ve always been fortunate that my family has supported all my “wild hair” ideas.  Some have failed, most have succeeded.  All have been learning lessons.

Don’t give in so easily to making a U-turn with your dreams and goals.  Sometimes you have to go far enough for it to start recalculating.  Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who will help you grow and give you honest advice.  Trust in your sense of direction.  My guess is that if you do that, you will find your way home.


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