Last Tuesday, I held a Panic to Power Boot Camp in Seattle. It was a great camp with fantastic participants.

One of the topics we spent a great time discussing was the use of stories in business presentations. If you’re like me, you get much more out of listening to a story that relates to a solution than just having it told or narrated to you. It has more “stick” in your brain.

Ironically, I had a story from early that morning preparing to go to the Boot Camp that I was able to use as an example. It has definitely become a permanent part of my story file. Below, you will find a video blog from my insurance consulting channel. The story I just mentioned will be given in this blog. You are being given this video to show you how a very personal story can be used as a metaphor for a business solution. In this case, a story about my dog Captain Jack will help my insurance clients learn about the risk management issue of “close calls”. For you, it’s an example of how a personal story will be effective in your business presentations.

Where do you get your stories?


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