Confidence doesn’t equate to competence when it comes to communicating. Miscommunication is the proximate cause of the majority of calamities in any organization.

This program will focus on significantly enhancing the perspicacity of your leaders in the area and skill of being truly influential.


• Improve vocabulary and language to enhance influence
• Create both steak and sizzle to improve presentations
• Increase confidence when speaking to groups
• Enhance interpersonal communications
• Improve the ability to transfer skills to others
• Reduce miscommunications and conflict
• Advance communications among different generations in the workplace

Developments Will Include:

• Extensive preparatory work
• A workbook built around the curriculum, visuals, and templates
• A dynamic and interactive session that will challenge each participant
• Assessment of current skill sets and growth opportunities
• Accountability metrics will be set to assure implementation
• Interaction with colleagues and co-workers
• “Hot seats,” role plays and practice in topics and concepts
• Discussion on concepts around building organizational culture through influencing techniques
• A copy of my book, Unleashed Leadership

Debra Linn AllbeeFarmers Insurance
Dan is an expert at looking at things from an overall, broad spectrum, all the way drilled down to specifics. Whatever your need is, he is able to give sound, progressive advice and assistance with action steps to move you closer to your personal and/or professional goal(s).
Krysten BernalHall & Company
Our firm hired Dan to enhance our annual Strategic Planning meeting. Dan provided me with the encouragement I needed to use my creativity when making a presentation regardless of the audience. The result, a presentation that usually consists of numbers and stats turned into a fun way to show our staff having fun together while considering our future plans.