Leaders and managers are tasked with an incredible amount of responsibility. In order to balance all of them, they need to be competent in vital skills like time management, prioritization, delegation, talent assessment, communications, and quick decision-making.

This workshop will provide them the strategy and tactics to excel.


• Dramatically improve delegation skills
• Improve time management and prioritization skills
• Increase coaching and mentoring perspicacity
• Enhance interpersonal and global communication skills
• Improve the ability to identify talent
• Reduce miscommunications and conflict
• Improve ability to allow autonomy

Developments will include:

• Extensive preparatory work
• A workbook built around the curriculum, visuals, and templates
• A dynamic and interactive session that will challenge each participant
• Assessment of areas to enhance and improve
• Accountability metrics will be set to assure implementation
• Interaction with colleagues and co-workers
• “Hot seats,” role plays and practice in topics and concepts
• Discussion on concepts around building a culture of “playing for each other.”
• A copy of my book, Unleashed Leadership

Chris EngstromHall & Company
The program has made me better at decision-making and engaging others. Being able to hear and take in broader perspectives on opportunities that my company is facing has been very insightful. It’s an opportunity to stand still for a moment and get away from the noise of the daily routine; to think with a clear head and consider important executive issues around delegation, collaboration, team building and time management. This all leads to a higher performing company with engaged employees to achieve superior results more effectively and efficiently.
Lindsey CarnettMarketing Maven PR
I'd recommend Dan and Toro Consulting to any business owner looking to improve their own leadership skills or to have Dan help one or more of your key staff members to help you stay focused on your company goals without distraction.
Dan RyanTim Ryan Construction
The results are being able to take ideas and concepts and quickly turning them into action and implementation.
Patrick ReedCW Solutions
My work with Dan Weedin was targeted to help provide guidance and insight, while navigating through issues inherent with managing a small company. Dan became engaged very quickly, he listened, asked questions, analyzed, and then offered possible solutions and suggestions. Dan leaves no doubt about his sincerity in helping me resolve issues, and to get me back on the fast track to success. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about how someone I had never met could help me and my team, especially considering he had little or no knowledge regarding the industry I was working in. Well, my only regret now is, I wish I would have started sooner with Dan. I have relied on Dan’s unique insight, experience and wisdom many times, and I am grateful for the guidance he has provided me. With Dan’s tutelage, I have gone from “frustrated” to “triumphal."
Sheila YokersPuget Sound Window Maintenance
Dan has the ability to see situations clearly and provide pertinent feedback for me to work towards that vision. I also now know that I’m not alone in dealing with the business issues I face…I have a forum now to share, discuss, and find solutions.
Robert ScimemeCW Solutions
Dan has assisted me with stomping out my tendency to overanalyze and has “unleashed” my desire to excel and perhaps most importantly restored my confidence and courage to take calculated risks to continue to further my career. He teaches what to let go, where to focus, how to create a vision for your team, how to manage time effectively and therefore, will keep you ahead of the curve and on the fast track.