The concept of “Playing for Each Other” isn’t limited to the world of athletics. It’s most effective in your business, where the reputation and sustainability of your business are on the line very day.

Building a “championship team” is paramount to your success and significance as an organization.


• Improve communication between team members
• Reduce conflict and drama
• Enhance understanding around social styles and motivations
• Create a stronger sense of community and “Playing for Each Other”
• Bolster accountability to each other and the organization
• Promote autonomy and self-reliance
• Enhance culture and employee morale

Developments Will Include:

• Extensive preparatory work
• A workbook built around the curriculum, visuals, and templates
• A dynamic and interactive session that will challenge each participant
• Assessment of current situation and opportunities to grow
• Accountability metrics will be set to assure implementation
• Interaction with colleagues and co-workers
• “Hot seats,” role plays and practice in topics and concepts
• Discussion on concepts around sustaining new strategies and techniques
• A copy of my book, Unleashed Leadership

Kendra FournierFournier Insurance Solutions
Dan led our department team in a day of team building. As the facilitator he was prepared, engaging and dynamic. We accomplished the goals set out; increase communication, breakdown barriers and to have a day of appreciation and fun. Post meeting survey results indicated the day was worthwhile. We’ll definitely use Dan again.
Alan CrainKitsap Bank
Just like professional athletes, executives need coaches and trainers to retain, build and improve necessary skills. Dan Weedin provides an important forum for studying and drilling on important leadership skills. Dan’s energetic approach makes the process fun and highly engaging while providing tangible take-a-ways to put to work immediately.
Jim SundJewel Box Theatre
Dan did an admirable job keeping the board on track, and directed toward our goal of formulating implementable objectives that were formalized into a written plan. But proof of Dan’s effectiveness is how the plan is working. Two years into our plan, we are on track and our theatre has never been more prosperous and popular with our patrons.
Naval Sea Systems Command - Keyport
The value we received was great and much better than previous training courses because it was more advanced and had up to date examples. Dan was able to engage the workforce and encouraged discussion, which continued after the course ended in the workplace. Bottom-line, it made you think about how you can make things better in your workplace, taught you some new things that you can apply now, and generally raised awareness of the need for better teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.