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The Unleashed Philosophy Series

Unleashed is a mindset.

It's a mindset that will help elevate the performance and passion of your company and people. It's a mindset that assures sustainability and resilience. And, it's a mindset that will lead to building a better company through increased revenue growth, improved organizational culture, and enhanced reputation.

You're invited to discover a series of Unleashed workshops available for your team or company. They can be selected ala carte or as one collective program. The choice is yours based on your objectives and goals.

Quincy Branch, CEO

Major Themes

Building Leaders
Leaders don’t grow on trees, nor do they innately evolve. Leaders develop and grow when they are provided the tools, confidence, and knowledge to do so. In this program, you will find my own unique approach to unleashing your leaders.

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Building Dynamic Teams
The concept of “Playing for Each Other” isn’t limited to the world of athletics. It’s most effective in your business, where the reputation and sustainability of your business are on the line very day. Building a “championship team” is paramount to your success and significance as an organization.

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Influential Communications
Confidence doesn’t equate to competence when it comes to communicating. Miscommunication is the proximate cause of the majority of calamities in any organization. This program will focus on significantly enhancing the perspicacity of your leaders in the area and skill of being truly influential.

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Maximizing Talent and Performance
There can be many obstacles to escalating individual talent and boosting performance. Lack of resources, lack of discipline, lack of planning, and fear are all factors in holding back individuals on your team. Being “unleashed” involves creating a process that encourages boldness, autonomy, and confidence. The results individually and collectively are remarkable.

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Enhancing Management Skills
Leaders and managers are tasked with an incredible amount of responsibility. In order to balance all of them, they need to be competent in vital skills like time management, prioritization, delegation, talent assessment, communications, and quick decision-making. This workshop will provide them the strategy and tactics to excel.

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Off the Leash Sales Force
Every business in every industry is reliant on a strong sales force. Value-based, relationship centric sales requires more than a winning smile and strong charisma. If you want exponential growth in your revenues, then you need to have an “off the leash” sales force.

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How It Works

You can choose one workshop at a time, or you can pre-select any number based on your objectives, time frame, and budget. Each workshop is the same investment; however when you choose to commit to multiple workshops, you will save on each!

To learn more about reserving your workshops and get an investment indication, contact Dan at (360) 271-1592 or [email protected]

Is your company ready to be UNLEASHED?!