Unleashed! A Guide to Maximizing Your Career and Enriching Your Life

The “Greatest Hits” from Dan Weedin and his sidekick, Captain Jack the Pirate Dog.

This is a compilation of the best of Dan’s weekly missives, Extra Points and his Weedin 360 blog. Captain Jack is a noted writer himself, gaining greater attention and fanfare than his human. This “best of the best” compilation also includes several “never before seen” articles and anecdotes under the title, Fresh Fish.

The book will provide you with perspective, inspiration, humor, and pragmatic advise to help you both professionally and personally. Whether you’re a business leader or a leader in your own home, this book will help you grow in your career and enrich your life. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile; you’ll think; you might even be annoyed, and I doubt you’ll cry. In the end, you will be better off for having read it!

But don’t take Captain Jack and Dan’s word for it. This is what others have to say…


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  • Dan Weedin is a rare guy who instinctively finds quick answers to tough issues. I trust him implicitly, and I rarely make that statement. His weekly newsletter – Extra Points – is always relevant and demonstrates Dan’s pragmatism and ability to get to the heart of impactful issues.
    Dave Gardner, Silicon Valley, CA
  • Honest, authentic, challenging…
    Betsy Jordyn, Windermere, FL
  • Your writings are both uplifting and informative!
    Mariel Kagan, Bremerton, WA
  • You are my favorite read!
    Suzy Oubre, Portland, OR
  • Marvelous…just marvelous!
    Jacqueline Picard, Spokane, WA
  • Dan can take the simple things that happen in everyday life and write a story about it. The story always has a point and is relevant in business even when the story is not about business. I find his ability to write stories with creative analogies every week to be simply genius.
    Donna Himpler, Seattle, WA
  • This is a book that disguises powerful life lessons in the guise of entertaining stories. Be careful or you may learn something about yourself while reading them. Unleashed is not the "typical" business or self improvement book, but is instead a very entertaining read that for me at least, tends to drive home its message much more effectively than many of the other business texts I have read. It truly is one of those books in which you read a short chapter in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day thinking about it.
    Matt Cole, Everett, WA
  • Can't get enough Captain Jack. I know Dan quite well. Dan truly knows how to coach and consult others on how to truly unleash themselves. I don't get to read Dan's blog often enough, so I truly enjoyed this and you will too!
    Noah Fleming, Windsor, Ontario
  • As someone just becoming acquainted with the post-graduate life, this book creates a great outlook on how to take control when it comes to setting and achieving goals. The compilation of writings are comforting, yet amazingly motivational. Dan's observations reveal how much people can simply do or overlook from day to day, and molds those observations into inspiration. Captain Jack's excerpts also allow the reader to take a step back and view daily tasks from a refreshing perspective. This book is a great reminder of the things you are capable of, with helpful nudges from Dan on how to do so.
    Gina Mercuri, Orlando, FL
  • This is a book of short to the point every day life happening events that Captain Jack and Dan experience then turn and make you think how to, change, promote, and enhance the way you relate to business associates, family, or life in general. To me it's somewhere between The One Minute Manager and Chicken Soup For The Soul.
    Charlie Frame, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • This book is hard to put down. I love all of the short stories that are so easy to understand and bring awareness from everyday events that pass most of us by without any reflection. My favorite "ah-ha" quote has been, "Anxiety over the future; remorse over the past; and a lack of self worth mask your talent and will do you in faster than anything else you conceive or perceive."
    Raquel Lackey, Mercer Island, WA