Unleashed® Resilience

Risk Management is a Myth

Risk gets a bad rap.

Risk is inherent in any business. Without taking risks, there can be no reward. Your business will face crisis on a regular basis...this is a certainty. Risk management is a myth. You can't actually manage risk...you must be able to overcome and thrive out of it.

What your organization needs is resiliency.

The issue of your ability to survive and be resilient is an executive function. It can’t be delegated away. In any crisis, there is opportunity. But you have to know what you’re looking for.

Many people depend on your business operating. They include your employees and their families, your clients and customers, your partners and supply chain, and your community. It’s your responsibility to assure you do everything possible to assure that any crisis or disaster isn’t fatal. How do you do that?

For over a quarter of a century, Dan Weedin has worked closely with business leaders and executives to help them substantially minimize the risk that threatens the continued operation and revenue of their organization. Through his experience, he's developed strategies and techniques to avoid, control, and respond to crisis so that your business can do more than just merely survive, but thrive out of crisis. He knows how to make you resilient, so you can be “unleashed.”

  • Dan’s guidance helped us crystallize our somewhat vague ideas about what we would do in the event of a disaster, into a well thought out (and written) Crisis Prevention & Disaster Recovery Plan. We appreciated Dan’s ability to combine his subject matter expertise with an easy to work with approach. Hopefully we will never experience a disaster, but there is great peace of mind knowing we have a plan in place for that eventuality.
    Steve Richardson, CFO - AEC, Inc. (Portland, OR)

How It Works:

Resilience isn't the sexiest topic in business. However, it becomes important when it becomes important! Your ability to be resilient will ultimately determine survival and your ability to thrive out of crisis. Take a look at the several ways we can help you and your business better protect property, people, and profits:

  • When Dan arrived in our District, he was able to visit our schools, meet and interview key personnel, and review our crisis management policies and procedure. I appreciated that Dan was able to recognize those things that we were doing well but I was most impressed with his advise relative to how we could be more effective and efficient in meeting the risk management needs of the District. I found Dan to be extremely knowledgeable about risk management and the systems and costs that impact it. I feel confident that our District is in a better place to not only manage crisis when it occurs but to also to anticipate and minimize its impact in our schools and our community.
    Orvyl Wilson, Director of School Management - Franklin Township Public School District (NJ)