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The Art & Science of Being Influential

If you’re required to give speeches and presentations as part of your business, your career, or your passion, then this program is exclusively designed just for you.

Those called on to be public speakers, presenters, and workshop trainers and facilitators fall into one of 3 categories:

1. They lack full confidence in their ability and skill and agonize about how they will be perceived.
2. They don’t lack confidence, but regrettably aren’t competent. They talk too much without saying anything; have mediocre content or substance; and/or unable to engage their audience.
3. They are fully confident in the value they offer and skilled in the ability to be dynamic, utilize slides for good, not evil, and use stories to influence and drive home their message.
In my experience, fewer than 10% of “professional” speakers fall into the last category. The reason? They are good at what they do, yet don’t put the work into conveying their passion and talents to others that need to hear it.

Speaking is about being influential. That requires both strategy and tactics; it doesn’t happen simply because you can string sentences together. It certainly doesn’t involve reading slides to a bored audience that will soon be texting and reading their email.

Being influential is about delivering your message in a cogent, confident, and engaging manner. The end result is that your audience is better off for having heard you and they have a call to action to either improve themselves and/or their organizations, or become affiliated with your cause.

Bottom line – speaking is about influencing and you must apply both art and science.

Here’s the great news…I can help you with both!

Who would benefit from being a better speaker?
• Executives that must present to board of directors, investors, shareholders, and employees
• Business leaders that speak to groups, associations, and businesses
• Consultants and other professional service providers that use speaking as part of their business
• Executive directors for Non-Profit and Charity organizations
• Authors of any genre
• Celebrities like athletes and entertainers that use speaking as part of their additional interests and business
• Politicians

You have three options to choose from with my Unleashed Speaking program. Each one will help you see immediate results.

Raquel Lackey
Just the thought of public speaking used to have me shaking with anxiety. Working with Dan was the best decision I made to prepare for speaking in front of an audience. He had practical, easy to implement suggestions that we applied to my presentation that helped me capture my audience's attention and had them engaging more than I had ever experienced. I look forward working with him again soon.

The Keynote (45-90 minute presentation) – $2,500

• 5 hours of in-person coaching broken up over 2 sessions (with homework)
• Focus is on your content, storytelling, delivery, visuals, messaging, and artfully answering Q & A
• What’s in it for you? Improved confidence; enhanced messaging; clear call to action; improved audience experience; increased testimonials and referrals; more fun

The Workshop (3 hours+ presentations) – $4,500

• 8 hours of in-person coaching
• 1 full day or 2 sessions
• Focus on your content, storytelling; delivery, visuals, messaging, and that same artful Q & A technique…
• Additionally includes work on being able to create and develop classroom style teaching and experience; utilizing strong exercises and case studies, intellectual property creation; and branding.
• What’s in it for you? Improved confidence; enhanced messaging; clear call to action; improved audience experience; increased testimonials and referrals; more fun

Combo Package – $7,500

• 12 hours of in-person coaching
• Three 4-hour sessions to do it ALL
Sustainability Mentoring (6 months) – $2,400 additional; $1,800 of purchased at the same time
• Unlimited access to me to ask any questions and gain feedback on everything dealing with our previous coaching work.

If You Want To Be Truly Influential...

If you want to be a truly influential and engaging speaker to advance your career, boost your business or organization; or raise awareness for your cause, then you need to consider investing in yourself in this program. I promise you will walk away with a new and bold attitude and presentation that will make all the difference in the world for you and those you are speaking to.

Here is a sampling of what others have learned directly from me or experienced from my own presentations…

  • Your energy was contagious and the audience was clearly engaged by your interactive presentation style and strategic use of prizes to get them talking! Overall, the presentation was well organized and the feedback forms all confirmed that your session was easy to follow, understand and relate to.
    Megan Schwartz, LIMRA International Conference Manager
  • Dan Weedin is an excellent presenter. Not only is Dan knowledgeable and professional, he is energetic and personable. He keeps his audience totally engaged.
    Marilyn Hoppen Society of Human Resource Managers, West Sound Chapter
  • I had the pleasure of working with Dan Weedin as a coach and mentor for my professional speaking business. I was hesitant to invest in professional coaching but am glad I did, as Dan’s guidance was instrumental in helping me present myself effectively in person and in print.
    Dawn Shaw, author and speaker (client), Facing Up to It
  • Dan is an expert at looking at things from an overall, broad spectrum, all the way drilled down to specifics. Whatever your need is, he is able to give sound, progressive advice and assistance with action steps to move you closer to your personal and/or professional goal(s).
    Debra Allbee, insurance agent and client