David EmmonsOlympic College Foundation
The entire Olympic College Foundation Board would like to express their sincere appreciation for the excellent board retreat you facilitated regarding our Strategic Plan. In a mere seven hours you took our conversation from "Let's make a plan," to "We have a plan!" Certainly we could not have come as far as we did without your expertise and guidance. You guided us through the day keeping the pace moving, yet pausing and giving additional time for topics that needed further conversation. This ensured all board member voices were heard, even those that felt timid about their opinions. Your interactive methods were engaging. Keeping a large group of individuals focused and comfortable expressing their needs and concerns requires a skilled facilitator and you far exceeded our expectations.

Engage Your Team & Unleash Your Results!

The biggest mistake CEOs and Boards of Directors make is that they get caught breathing their own exhaust. Just like for humans, the results can be deadly to your business or organization.

Dan Weedin provides expertise, vision, and strong facilitation skills to help any corporate or board retreat maximize its time and assure results. He has worked with both for and non-profits in diverse industries. The results are proven by his clients. If you want to optimize your next retreat, strategy session, or important meeting, call Dan to see how he can make sure you achieve your objectives and engage your team.

Jim SundJewel Box Theatre
Dan did an admirable job keeping the board on track, and directed toward our goal of formulating implementable objectives that were formalized into a written plan. But proof of Dan’s effectiveness is how the plan is working. Two years into our plan, we are on track and our theatre has never been more prosperous and popular with our patrons.
Ryan FournierFournier Insurance Solutions
The value we received from working with Dan can be summed up in one word...Focus! Everyone knows how easy it is to get distracted in business. With Dan's help we moved a major project forward in a matter of 60 days that we had been discussing as a management team for the last 3 years. In hindsight it is easy to see the return on investment of engaging with Dan. Hard work is never easy, but Dan helped us channel our focus and determination to implement the change we needed to become a better organization going forward.
Chris EngstromHall & Company
Dan has made me better at decision-making and engaging others. Being able to hear and take in broader perspectives on opportunities that my company is facing has been very insightful. It’s an opportunity to stand still for a moment and get away from the noise of the daily routine; to think with a clear head and consider important executive issues around delegation, collaboration, team building and time management. This all leads to a higher performing company with engaged employees to achieve superior results more effectively and efficiently.
Dan RyanTim Ryan Construction
It’s a great forum to connect on the management end and gain resources and support you don’t find easily anywhere else. The results are being able to take ideas and concepts and quickly turning them into action and implementation.
Sheila YokersPuget Sound Window Maintenance
Dan forces me to look beyond the regular day-to-day. He helps me the see the potential for my business and gives me a vision to work towards. Dan has the ability to see situations clearly and provide pertinent feedback for me to work towards that vision.