Unique Expertise

Dan Weedin has over three decades of experience in the risk strategy and insurance industry.

What that means for you is he is in a position to quickly uncover areas of vulnerability that threaten your organizational growth, profitability, people, and legacy.

Dan’s deep understanding of the risk management and startegy process will help you to quickly enhance your company’s ability to prevent, respond to, and recover from any calamity it might face. And the results for you are healthier and safer employees, reduced insurance premiums, a stronger bottom line, and improved confidence and peace of mind. 

Some areas of focus include:

  • Identifying risk exposures to assess impact and set operational recovery priorities and objectives
  • Business Continuity Programs to create a game plan to survive and thrive out of any calamity
  • Long-term strategic enterprise risk management planning to identify opportunities and increase profitability
  • Advanced insurance programming to reduce total cost of risk
  • Business succession and executive compensation planning
  • Reduced client and supply chain pressure to meet requirements and obligations
  • Protection of business intelligence and intellectual property
  • Securing and safeguarding company reputation
  • Buying and programming adequate and correct insurance

Regardless of your size or industry, Dan will work to custom-fit a program with solutions to your growth and protection needs.

Risk is a part of the process for all business owners; what becomes essential is having a plan to prevent, respond to, and recover from calamities and obstacles to stay focused and moving towards company growth and success.


Rave Reviews

“Dan will help you to grow further and faster. He creates positive change with positive psychology, but also creates sustainable results through the mastery of the skills and behaviors required for ongoing success. You need Dan’s help, as so many others have.”

— Alan Weiss

“Just like professional athletes, executives need coaches and trainers to retain, build and improve necessary skills. Dan Weedin provides an important forum for studying and drilling on important leadership skills. Dan’s energetic approach makes the process fun and highly engaging while providing tangible take-a-ways to put to work immediately.”

— Alan Crain, Kitsap Bank

“Dan Weedin was my guide. Dan’s knowledge and enthusiasm set me on track! He helped me avoid dead ends and to focus on action steps that resulted in progress. His perspective enabled me to identify and integrate different client services I could provide into a comprehensive marketing plan that would include and enhance the publishing of a book. Dan’s positive perspective is contagious and energized the process!”

— Richard Tizzano, Author

“Dan is clearly a gifted encourager. His ability to teach organization skills and time management is extraordinary. The benefits I have received by engaging and working with Dan have positively affected our bottom-line by 15% so far – and we’re just getting started implementing his business growth techniques. If you want a coach that knows how to motivate and improve your bottom-line – engage Dan.”

— Jim Davis, Partners Claims Services


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