When was the last time you re-invented yourself?

The question can bot be professional and personal in nature. I had a terrific conversation this morning with a friend and colleague on the subject. I’m guessing that in the five years that I’ve been in consulting, I’ve “re-invented” myself at least 3 times. This is part of growth. Early in the process, you find your way through successes and challenges; you are asked to try new things; and you experiment. It’s all part of learning your strengths and talents. Most of all, you discover what it is you really want to do when you grow up!

However, re-inventing yourself is not only for the new people in the game. It also applies to veterans who get bored and find their work stale. Re-invention is good for the soul, the psyche, and the mind. In fact, I think you should make it part of a regular process in whatever career you are in.

I find myself evaluating what I’m doing (again). It’s actually an exciting process because it brings me more into focus with my objectives and will add clarity and value to my clients. I will keep you posted as I go…

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