Insuring Success: Accelerating Growth

Growth & Development for Insurance Pros

Dan Weedin coaches and mentors insurance agents and brokers to maximize performance and rapidly grow professionally and personally. He assists them with a variety of different services to significantly boost their careers and enrich their lives.

Dan has been on both sides of the insurance process. He's been an insurance broker since 1989 working with clients to help them protect their most valued assets. Since 2005, he has worked as a member of the insured’s team and experienced how agents interact with their prospects and clients on a daily basis.

This understanding of what client's really want from their agent is crucial to helping to maximize your growth and success.

The Value You Receive:

Dan's industry experience as an underwriter, broker, risk manager, consultant, and entrepreneur will help you grow faster in your career regardless of where you are today. His experience as an award-winning speaker and trainer will improve your development as a presenter, so you can more clearly deliver your message to your clients and prospects.

Here are ways Dan will guide you through challenges like:

  • Enhance leadership skills like time management, mentoring, hiring, motivating, and communications
  • Improve your ability to present your company, your agency, and yourself
  • Transform your insurance presentations from dull to dynamic
  • Develop skills to build long-term relationships with your clients
  • Improve your ability to lead training sessions for employees
  • Improve your ability to persuade and motivate company underwriters
  • Reduce Errors & Omissions issues by improving your summary of insurance
  • Improve the in-house sales skills of your customer service team to increase revenues
  • Enhance your next proposal prior to presenting to your prospect

Mentoring & Coaching Programs

Insuring Success Mentoring

The Insuring Success mentor program is six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, text, Skype, fax, regular mail, or homing pigeon. Sometimes personal meetings are possible when mutually convenient. I help insurance professionals of all kinds in the areas that they are focused on. Regardless of whether you are an agency owner, producer, company carrier executive, or consultant, you will find that I will help you accelerate professional and personal growth and advancement.

I can help strategically (creating stronger relationships, enhancing brand, developing intellectual property, etc.), and tactically (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, critiquing proposals, overcoming objections, etc.).

The fee is $3,500, which distinguishes those who are serious about their business, and is easily recouped through increased business and higher efficiency of time. Admission is limited. If there are no openings there is a "first come, first served waiting list.
We will reach a mutual decision as to whether the program is right for you. If it is, you begin with my studying your current situation, expectations, and fundamental value propositions. You then establish mentoring goals. Some people call daily, some weekly, and some monthly. The frequency and style are up to you. I return all phone calls texts within 90 minutes and email within 24 hours.

The fee is required to begin the process or to claim a place on the waiting list. The fee is non-refundable, no exceptions. However, you may call a "freeze at any point, for up to two months at a time, at which time I stop the calendar until you’re ready to begin again. I’m notoriously lax about the six months and readily provide grace periods to take care of any loose ends.

Insuring Success Coaching

Some individuals who require a highly structured relationship with additional accountability for meeting their goals may qualify for the Insuring Success Coaching program.

In this version of the program, we choose those areas that are of highest priority and create:

• A detailed game plan with specific goals and objectives for professional and personal growth and improvement, and
• A formal schedule of contact times to discuss accomplishments and any obstacles preventing short-term tasks from being completed. I will enforce completion dates and task accomplishment.

The areas we may deal with include contacting prospects, creating intellectual property, time management, improving public speaking skills, creating a web site, following-up on leads, establishing networking events, creating a brand, creating an efficient and high-powered agency, life balance issues, employee challenges, etc. We generally choose three or four, I provide a template with specific tasks and completion dates, and we establish formal schedules for those completion dates.

This program provides for externally enforced discipline, in that you are accountable for specific completion activities on certain dates on which I follow-up with you.
The Insuring Success Coaching program is recommended for those at any level of their career who feel the need for increased structure, whose intellectual curiosity and talent cause them to wander from task to task prior to completion, and who require more urgency in creating results.

Format – Regular one on one sessions monthly as needed. Unlimited access to me in between meetings (see mentoring). Your investment in your success is $4,500 per quarter; or $7,500 for 6 months.

Quarterly - $4,500

6 months - $7,500

Insuring Success Immersion

For agency owners, executives, and producers that want to "jump start the process, I offer, Insuring Success Immersion. This consists of two days with me, at my home office, to learn how to handle clients, prospects, time management, marketing plans, life balance, and any issues that are specifically important to that individual. I also spend considerable time on your strategy and goals, and create plans to move forward. I recommend where possible that the days be split, with one about 90 days after the other.

Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend as much of the discussions as they like. We will have lunch together and also have some conversation and "down time.
You then enter the regular Mentor Program for six months. The fee for total immersion including the six-month Mentor Program to follow is $8,500. (All meals are included while you are with me.)

This program is ideal for producers at any stage, but specifically for new producers, producers that are "stuck, those making a change in roles, or for all insurance and risk management consultants.

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Management & Team Training

Results Driven

Dan Weedin is about results for your company, agency, and team. He's worked with companies of all sizes to help them quickly and effectively:

  • Develop stronger teams
  • Improve internal and external communication skills
  • Increase sales results
  • Develop leadership muscle
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Build bench strength

If your leadership, sales, or departmental team needs a new direction, call Dan. He will tailor a unique and personalized program just for you that will return results rapidly.

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