Dan Weedin

Virtual Director of Business Risk

A Valued Member of Your Leadership Team

Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) aren't really so "small." These companies of up to 250 employees account for the vast majority of business activity and are the chief creators of new jobs. Running and managing SMBs is hard work and requires a strong plan to grow profitably, take care of employees and families, deal with government regulation, and ultimately serve it's customers and community.

Most SMBs don't have the resources to hire full-time executives to direct and guide key operations. Risk management and business continuation is one of those areas that may seem untenable, and as a consequence is either put on the proverbial back burner or simply ignored.

The problem is that SMBs need this expertise even more than their large corporate counterparts. These corporations have more resources to throw at crisis and can withstand most of them. For SMBs, one calamity could prove to be fatal to a business that has been around for generations.

The Solution

Dan Weedin has over three decades in the risk management industry under his belt. He's worked with over 300 SMBs in all industries and revenue sizes. As your Virtual Director of Risk Management, he will assure that those perils that could halt your business growth, put your employees out of work, and/or damage your reputation get the remarkable attention they demand.

What's In It For Your Company

  1. Improve identification of risk exposures that can wreak havoc on your ability to continue operations, damage your reputation, and stealthily eat away at your profits. This process alone can reduce your total cost of risk by 35-50%, thus improving your bottom line profits and assuring your cash flow and revenue stream.
  2. Enhance decision-making on assessing and attacking most likely and dangerous exposures for your business. Faster and better leadership decisions save you time, money and frustration.
  3. Accelerate implementation of control and finance methods to immediately reduce your risk to any calamity.
  4. Assure accountability from your key leaders and employees to keep your readiness and preparedness at a high level.
  5. Reduce risk of organizational amnesia through improved management succession and ownership transition plan.
  6. Enhance employee morale and performance through improved communication, collaboration, and team building.
  7. Create positive change and sustainable results through masters of leadership skills and behaviors required for ongoing success.
  8. Prevent and mitigate losses that could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. These bottom line losses carry over to the valuation of your business, thus saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars to your owner's equity and wealth.

Typical Areas of Focus

  • Assessment of your total cost of risk to find ways to reduce and improve your profitability.
  • Creating a risk control program tailored to your operations to enhance employee safety, prevent and avoid claims, and effectively mitigate losses.
  • Risk financing through a strong insurance program aimed at paying for those calamities that you can't.
  • Assistance with management succession and ownership transition plans.
  • Creation of leadership development programs to assure that the company is making the best decisions around strategy and people.
  • An evaluation and plan of individual and organizational resilience to assure that your company and people will thrive out of adversity.
  • Creation of a crisis management program, including disaster recovery and crisis communications plans.

How It Works:

Insurance Only Membership

  • Annual review with grade sheet of your business insurance policies
  • Annual review of the CEO/President personal insurance portfolio
  • One monthly “on call” access (one phone call or email)
  • Non-insurance clients only - $500 per year; insurance clients are included as part of our work together


Platinum Protection Membership

  • Monthly 5-minute podcast with something to easily help you improve your resilience and protection
  • Unlimited access on risk management issues and business continuity issues
  • Business continuity plan review and/or template to create $1,500 value by itself)
  • $950 year insurance clients / $1,750 per year non-insurance clients


Titanium Protection Membership

  • Business Continuity plan creation
  • Part of your risk management team
  • Annual crisis simulation exercise
  • After hours access
  • $3,500 per year for insurance clients / $6,500 per year non-insurance clients

Want to learn more about how this might look for your company? Contact Dan to discuss scheduling an appointment to look at your unique situation.