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Major Topics:

Unleashed Leadership
The legendary business guru Peter Drucker once said that, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The real breakfast of champions is creating a culture where everyone has the chance to unleash their own individual potential. When you create a culture that encourages boldness, autonomy, and growth, then you will ultimately reap tremendous rewards and results for your company. In Unleashed Leadership, Dan will discuss concepts and strategies to accelerate this culture through developing leaders in your organization.

Unleashed Resilience
While it might take years to grow a profitable and successful business, it might only take one calamity to destroy it all. Every company needs a stout and robust plan to avoid and mitigate crisis. Not doing so is negligent for the employees and clients of the company. In Unleashed Resilience, Dan will provide specific strategies and tactics to painlessly create a plan to protect a company’s people and profits.

Breaking Free from the Invisible Fence
Sometimes the biggest enemy of our success is ourselves. We are vulnerable to not unleashing our true potential by building an “invisible fence” around us constructed of fear and lack of confidence. Even the most powerful CEOs and Presidents will struggle with self-doubt and fear, and not only hold themselves but also their companies back. This program will demonstrate how to overcome self-inflicted obstacles to create a life and career that is both rewarding and significant.

Playing for Each Other
Sports teams that selflessly play for each other rather than strictly for themselves, normally end up being in championship opportunities. Those that choose to play selfishly and with individual agenda are often in perpetual turmoil. Shifting a culture to "playing for each other" is difficult in sports, and maybe even more so in business. In Playing for Each Other, Dan will outline a plan to transform any business into a championship caliber “team.”

The R-O-I of Y-O-U
To be truly and "unleashed" means that you have been successful in creating your own "brand," regardless of your career position. Maximizing your personal and business brand by enhancing confidence, creating your own unique value proposition, and then helping you improve others, will not only help you become more successful, but also significant.

  • I highly recommend Dan Weedin for organizations that want to strengthen their leadership muscle. If you want excellent results, get Dan!
    Criag Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Dan is hard working, energetic and fun. As a presenter he is engaging and dynamic. He provides a blend of high content and creativity that keeps his audiences wanting more!
    Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Your energy was contagious and the audience was clearly engaged by your interactive presentation style and strategic use of prizes to get them talking! Overall, the presentation was well organized and the feedback forms all confirmed that your session was easy to follow, understand and relate to.
    Megan Schwartz, LIMRA International Conference Manager
  • Dan is not just an excellent speaker on his field – knowledgeable, energetic, inspirational - but also a great partner. He was absolutely committed with all the activities and elements that were part of the event: the logistic, the presentation and speech, the marketing, media and communication activities etc. If you want to have not just a speaker, but also a partner, there is no doubt: You have to contact Dan Weedin.
    Maria Angelica Guzman, America Empresarial
  • I am a frequent speaker at management conferences around the world. In reviewing my notes from Dan’s workshop I found seventeen techniques and ideas I will use in future presentations. The workshop was an excellent investment of my time. I fully expect the techniques will result in measurable improvements in the formal evaluations completed by participants at my presentations.
    Steve Garfein, RPM Systems Corp.
  • Dan Weedin is an excellent presenter. Not only is Dan knowledgeable and professional, he is energetic and personable. He keeps his audience totally engaged.
    Marilyn Hoppen, West Sound Chapter of Society of Human Resource Management
  • In doing over 10 Best Seller Publishing Institutes, Dan Weedin has given one of the best presentations in the history of these conferences!
    Patrick Snow, International Best Selling Author