I understand for many businesses and individuals that this is a brutal economy.  I keep hearing it’s time to hunker down, batten down the hatches, and other cliches.  I don’t minimize the hurt.  It’s definitely out there.  But you have to understand that the United States is still a thriving industry.  The reality is still the same – if it’s enough of a priority, money can and will be found.

Need some examples?  Check out some recent news from sports…

  • The University of Kentucky just paid $35M for a basketball coach.  Basketball is important in Kentucky so they found the money.
  • The New York Yankees just paid three players about $140M.  Baseball is important in the Big Apple.  They found the money.
  • The Washington Redskins just sold the farm for one defensive tackle.  He may make more than the other big name in DC.  The NFL may be more important in our nation’s capital than a stimulus package.

You might say, “Dan, that’s sports.  They always overpay and don’t understand reality.”  Really? They understand that they are in the entertainment industry.  They understand the concept of “butts in the seats.”  hey understand how to make money.

What about you?

Are you a priority to your prospects?  If they find value in you, they will find the money.  Offering great value and high return on investment as both a consultant and speaker will ensure you get the business even in tough times.


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