Unleashed® Universe

What's Unleashed™ Universe?

The 21st century is a decision-making universe. Speed, skill, perspective and perspicacity are needed more than ever by business owners, managers, and all professionals to drive results and assure resilience.

Unleashed Universe is a dynamic and unique digital learning environment to help small and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, managers, and any business leader substantially enhance their ability to maximize their talents and skills, while helping and influencing others in their company do the same.

  • Unleashed Universe pushed me to stop and reflect on my own habits and aspirations as an individual, as a team player and as a leader. The focus on simple, yet revolutionary steps towards building winning teams--and having fun doing it--is spot on. It’s that piece, among others, that I’ll keep at the heart of my continued leadership development.
    Alanna Imbach, CEO and Founder Vibe Coworks
  • The program and related “homework” really made me slow down and engage in the learning. It forced me to self-assess and re-evaluate how I react to both professional and personal situations. Because of that analysis, I now look at life, work, and family situations differently. My focus as a leader is to help others improve in their work and career. Truly in life, you’re only as good as how you help others and this program is helping me accomplish that.
    Leon Capps, Superintendent - Tim Ryan Construction

How It Works

Unleashed™ Universe is a lifetime membership program. No monthly or annual fees or dues. Once you're in, you're in. You have full access to member benefits.

As a lifetime member, you will get:

1. The Unleash Your Potential video series (12 videos - 180 minutes of content) developed for business leaders and professionals.

2. Access to all future video series (a new one every year - $125 value).

3. At a minimum, one new growth tool every month (video, podcast, template, visual, etc.)

4. Access to a 30-minute Unleashed conference call to discuss the tool/resource of the month. Each call will be recorded and distributed to all members.

5. 24/7 access to private online portal to access resources whenever you want.

As a Member, You Will:

  • Enhance creativity, innovation, and decision-making
  • Improve top-line revenue growth
  • Accelerate speed and effectiveness of implementation of ideas
  • Focus time on priorities and eliminate wasted time and effort
  • Improve your ability to communicate and influence
  • Maximize your talent and that talent those around you
  • Enhance individual and organizational resilience
  • Increase skills in creating intellectual property
  • Enhance marketing and branding strategies and tactics
  • Improve work-life balance and...
  • Have more fun in your life

How To Register

Click on the link below to register for your lifetime membership. You will receive information about how to access the program. It's that easy!

  • Dan Weedin presents concepts and solutions that are practical and workable whether our staff has years of experience in business or fairly new to our company. The immediate benefit of the series was knowing that we have professional assistance and ready answers to questions that at first can seem daunting, but with help are surmountable and stepping stones.
    Susan Ogilvie,Paul Ogilvie Construction