Calamity Improv

Will your crisis planning and recovery plans really stand up under fire?

How do you know?

The only way to really know how you and your organization will respond to crisis is to put your practices to the test. Dan’s unique Calamity Improv tabletop workshop offers a dynamic and interactive simulation that will test your people, your processes, and yourself.

Don’t leave your ability to survive as a company to the unknown. The value of this workshop is that your people will be confident and ready when the real calamity hits.

Fees start at $4,500 and are based on the size, scope, and complexity of a company. Contact Dan to get a formal indication.

Aaron LeavellNorth Kitsap School District
Dan brought our administrative team a legitimate crisis scenario and was well prepared in every aspect of his consultancy. Dan pushed our thinking as the decision-makers in our school district and created an environment that encouraged engagement, problem solving, and role-playing. In the end, with advice and guidance from Dan, we were able to leave the session with solid ideas for evaluating our current systems for emergency/crisis management, to create a communications plan to use in times of crisis, and just a sense of relief that we were able to come together for a few hours as a team to discuss these important issues that often get put aside when there are no imminent emergencies.
Kevin RyanTim Ryan Construction
Dan has worked with our staff to refine our Company Safety Standards and policies. He has prepared and presented clear and concise programs on various safety topics relevant to our business. The employees are encouraged to be active participants in the discussions... It has been a pleasure working with Dan and we look forward to a continued working relationship with him.