Insurance Fitness Exams

You will receive a thorough analysis of your business insurance policies with a detailed summary on how you can improve your protection and save money.

Here's what's in it for you:
• Assurance that insurance costs and protection are balanced given the current insurance marketplace.
• Greater understanding of the risks faced and how your current policies respond.
• Greater understanding of the risks not addressed by your current insurance.
• Peace of mind that all you've worked for is properly protected.
• 30 days unlimited access to me after the report to answer your questions

You will get unbiased insurance advice. I never accept fees from insurance agencies or companies. My mission is to help you become a smarter insurance buyer with a safer work environment.

I guarantee your return on investment will save you time, money, and frustration on your insurance program.

Fees start at $2,500 and are based on the size, scope, and complexity of a company. Contact Dan to get a formal indication.

Gwen PiloNORCOM 911 Call Center
Dan was very accommodating during the interview process where he asked intelligent questions to better understand our exposures, risk and concerns. He provided us with an easy to read detailed report and his recommendations for areas of improvement in protection and reduction of costs. While we did not have any areas of serious risk, Dan pointed out several things that were overlooked and made recommendations to correct them. I would recommend anyone who does not have a 100% understanding of insurance use Dan’s Insurance Fitness Exam to identify weaknesses and better understand your insurance policy.
Randy JohnsonApple Physical Therapy
Dan’s insurance exam provided valuable information to insure appropriate insurance coverage at all levels of my business. He provided a detailed analysis of our possible liabilities and provided recommendations for improvements to our current insurance policies. We made several changes following his audit, based upon his recommendations, which we feel will prevent any unnecessary losses in the future.
Darcy GrayTOM BIHN
Dan helped us realize just what insurance — and what an insurance agent and company — could do for our small business. I mean, everyone knows that insurance is important, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we really only think about it when going through the renewal process or submitting a claim. Working with Dan in advance of our renewal was an educational (and fun) experience: Dan’s a great guy and he really took the time to get to know us and our company. He shared with his us general expertise about insurance as well as many astute insights and observations on our existing insurance policies, including his recommendations for areas of potential change or improvement. Dan made the renewal process a breeze and we appreciated his guidance in selecting the agent that was the right “culture fit” for our company. Months later, all continues to be great: we’re more confident than ever in our insurance and in our relationship with our agent.
Amy KellingKellConsult LLC
Your insurance assessment was very helpful and timely. Due to your expert knowledge and advice, I was able to ask and obtain waivers for 2-3 insurances on the list of requirements by my client. You gave credibility and strength to my argument against paying for unneeded insurances. In pricing these additional insurances out with my insurance agents, it proves that the investment with you was well worth it!

Broker / Agent Selection

Insurance is a 3-entity transaction - the insurance buyer, the insurance agent, and the insurance company.

Guess who knows the least about the product?

The biggest problem is that insurance buyers don’t know how to effectively manage a broker selection. This leads to poor decisions and bad protection.

I will dramatically simplify the process and level the playing field for you by helping you choose the right broker for you, and recommending the insurance that meets your needs and budget.

Fees start at $2,500 and are based on the size, scope, and complexity of a company. Contact Dan to get a formal indication.

Michelle DvorakPaladin Data Systems Corp.
We have found Dan's expertise to be of tremendous help. He saved us a TON of time by overseeing the overall process. He was quick to respond and always had the advice and answers we needed. We saved over $15,000 on our insurance renewal this year. It's been a pleasure working with him.
Keith ElledgeEvergreen Lumber Co.
Dan's efforts were invaluable in bringing our insurance issue to a successful conclusion. He produced an insurance renewal without the typical stress and last minute decisions, which have plagued this process in the past. We are very satisfied with the results of Dan's efforts and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.
Paul CarlsonALP Group
The decision to bring Dan on board has proven to be an invaluable one. He has completely taken charge of my situation and delivered exceptional results, always with my best interest in mind. From both a professional and personal standpoint, I no longer have any doubts that I have the proper insurance coverage at the best price. Dan's work has afforded me a peace of mind that I would not have achieved on my own.

Private Insurance Consulting

I’ve created a Private Insurance Consulting program to offer a unique and value-driven service for select clients only.

Here is what each client will receive:
• A complete assessment of your current policies to determine scope of protection, premium competitiveness, and broker fit. You will get recommendations for improvement and suggestions on how to maximize your premium dollars. This applies to all property and casualty insurances, including issues surrounding your workers compensation and benefits.
• You will have unlimited access to me for 12 months to answer insurance and risk management questions and concerns. I will be your liaison working directly with your broker to assure that all changes and issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.
• I will help you craft a basic strategic crisis and disaster recovery plan for your organization.
• If it’s determined that you want to go though a broker selection process, I will take charge and lead that process.
• You will gain exclusive access to a repository of resources aimed at helping you create a safer work environment, better risk management processes, drastically reduced costs, higher efficiencies, and better morale. These will not be made available to anyone outside of this group at any time.

Ultimately, you will have your own exclusive insurance advocate acting on your behalf, and not that of your insurance company.

You will not only be insured, but also assured that you are adequately protecting all you’ve worked so hard to attain and that it’s being done at the most competitive premium available.

Bottom line - you will experience:
• A steady reduction in your overall cost of risk which positively affects your bottom line
• Eliminate the administrative burden of trying to do it yourself
• Dramatically improve your leverage by enhancing the knowledge base and sophistication in this important business process
• And you get a disaster plan that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a calamity.

This is an opportunity to dispatch one of the most onerous and complex things you do in business and assure that your physical and financial assets are completely protected and insured; while you get assurance and peace of mind.

My ability to successfully do this for clients is going to be limited in number. I have space for 12 more clients. It’s first come, first served.

How much money do you invest in your insurance process right now when considering your time, your employee time, and what you might be unknown when it comes to overpaying for premium, uninsured claims, and having no expertise in the transaction process?

I guarantee that you will save money and sleep easier by being a private client in the Weedin Assurance Program.

Contact me to check availability and get an indication of the fee. The fees are based on the size, scope, and complexity of your company.

Jerry ParrishWA State Coaches Association
Dan's services have been very helpful to our association of over 3,000 coaches. It's been very valuable because he gives us the answers we need to have when we need them in an honest and trustworthy way. He’s a great resource for our biggest concerns
Kyle KincaidParker Lumber Co.
Dan has handled our multi-state insurance contract renewals for several years as an independent consultant, not as a broker or agent, and assists us on a wide variety of issues relating to insurance coverages, safety, training, and workers compensation. His integrity and ability are of the highest quality and we have achieved measurable results in the form of dramatically lowered insurance premiums and accidents.
David RillRill's Life Tribute Center
Dan is the type of person you can trust in any capacity to make sure things are done right. That's why we hired him to take care of our corporate insurance. He has gone beyond the call of duty.