Dan Weedin

Insurance Isn't About Price. It's About People.

My private brokerage works on the concept of being a trusted partner in managing the entire risk, not just the placement of insurance. I’m an expert in resilience and I create enhanced protection of profits, assets, and reputation for select clients.

It’s about being a Trusted Advisor that will offer rare access to both my business model and me. The results for you are:
• Reduced total cost of risk
• Improved profitability
• Enhanced readiness and preparedness for operational viability
• Improved workplace safety
• Increased ability to survive any calamity
• Uncommon clarity and collaboration
• Utmost peace of mind

My Unique Model To Benefit You

Because of my consulting practice, the number of clients in this program will be limited. I will only build my private brokerage business through relationships. That simply means I want to work with people I know or who are referred to me by people I know. It’s a commitment to limiting my client load to ensure adequate time and availability for each client.

Result: I will always have time capacity reserved for you. As a Private Brokerage Client, your calls and texts are returned within 90 minutes and emails within four hours during the business day. You will get remarkable access.

You gain exclusive access to my proprietary Unleashed® Resilience model, access to strategy and tactics to improve your business, and deep discounts on advanced consulting.

Result: I do more than place your coverage with an insurance company. I will personally help you build a robust resilience program, and assure your insurance protection by serving as your insurance broker. The tools and resources you receive as a Private Brokerage Client are reserved for only you and other consulting clients that pay for it. I created it; it’s my own proprietary tool, which means no other brokers can offer it to you.

This is my business and part of my practice. I don’t owe allegiance to an agency owner to place insurance with certain companies to extract contingency bonuses. I place your coverage where it best belongs…period.

Result: You will get the best that I can offer, without exception. If there is protection and coverage advantages that are superior from another agent, I will help you move your insurance to them. The protection of your assets and profit are my only concerns.

Part of the Deal...

• Insurance protection for your business
Unleashed® Resilience package for Private Brokerage Clients
• Exclusive monthly tools and resources to save time, money, and frustration
• Remarkable access, including a return contact guarantee
• Exclusive access to a small “club.” This includes opportunities to network and create forums and conferences for Private Brokerage Clients only
• Guaranteed annual reviews in person or by videoconference. No exceptions! Your policy will not become obsolete.
• Concierge retainer services for enhanced advisory on all insurances, including personal (whether insured or not)

Your Profit Protection

Bottom line, I can protect your bottom line – profits, assets, time, people, process, and equity of your business. Let’s talk about it so you can reserve your spot in this august group!

I'm proud to be a part of the First Underwriters team. Through this affiliation and partnership, I am able to help companies and individuals boost resilience, protect profits, and assure lifestyles.

To learn more about First Underwriters, click on the logo below. To contact me to learn how to become part of my private group of brokerage clients, email me at: