Resiliency Readiness Assessment

You will receive a comprehensive assessment of your workplace or job site with a detailed report card on what you can do to improve.

Here's what's in it for you...
• Reduce your workers compensation cost by understanding what exposures and hazards will drain your money
• Reduce your liability by insuring your workplace is safe for customers and employees
• Save insurance premium dollars by making your business more attractive to insurers
• Protect yourself from regulatory fines if you're not compliant
• Provide you with peace of mind that your company is doing everything it can to provide a safe and sustainable environment.

Fees are based on the size, scope, and complexity of a company. Contact Dan to get a formal indication.

John RamerKitsap Garage Door Co.
As a small business owner, I would (and have) highly recommend Dan to anyone who cares about the well-being of its business and its employees. The peace of mind of having a plan of action from the likely to the unlikeliest of events is priceless.
Karen FuquaFuqua Consulting Group
There are many important financial decisions that entrepreneurs need to make everyday, and one of the most important is ensuring that all areas of risk are covered. Dan is the consummate professional. He took the time to answer my questions as though the outcome of the decision was affecting his own family. That kind of service is a rare find in today's business world.

Strategic Planning

Decisions made in real-time during a crisis are normally poor. That's why your decisions must be made prior to needing to make one!

• Have you formulated a plan to deal with any type of crisis that can adversely affect your income, your people, your property, and your reputation?
• Has it been communicated to your staff?
• How efficiently is it managed and will it actually work when it needs to?

Let me help you navigate the murky waters of crisis management so your organization and team will thrive when confronted with it.

How it Works:

We gather your team together in a retreat-style format and spend the time brainstorming. It’s an opportunity to define what a crisis is, how your company will be affected, what plans you have in place, and how you are currently set up to prevent, mitigate, and respond to one.

Your team will walk away with a game plan that can be immediately implemented to:

• Reduce the likelihood of perils that can be controlled
• Improve your ability to survive those that can’t
• Create a backup plan that includes getting people back to work quickly
• Decrease the burden of managing the crisis
• Save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time, money, resources, people, legal costs and opportunity
• Improve crisis communications
• Boost levels of technology and human redundancy
• Dramatically reduce hidden costs
• Heighten peace of mind

Strategic retreats around crisis planning include:

• A comprehensive analysis of your insurance policies
• Interviews of all key executives, directors, and managers
• 60 days unlimited access to me by your key executives to help answer questions around implementation of initiatives
• My Unleashed Resiliency crisis planning template

Fees are based on the size, scope, and complexity of a company. Contact Dan to get a formal indication.

Steve RichardsonAEC, Inc.
Dan was recommended to us by our insurance broker as a resource to assist us with disaster recovery planning. Dan’s guidance helped us crystallize our somewhat vague ideas about what we would do in the event of a disaster, into a well thought out (and written) Crisis Prevention & Disaster Recovery Plan. We appreciated Dan’s ability to combine his subject matter expertise with an easy to work with approach. Hopefully we will never experience a disaster, but there is great peace of mind knowing we have a plan in place for that eventuality.